Carribean Cuisine

According to recent reports, Caribbean food is fast becoming quite popular amidst Briton's who are open to trying out different cuisines. Turtle Bay, Mango, Negril, Jamaica Patty Company, Rice and Things (exclusive Jamaican restaurant), Dub Jam, Boom Burger are but a few popular destinations for those who enjoy Caribbean delicacies. A host of new restaurants have cropped up across the country, each offering their own versions of the original West Indian recipes.

Ordering for Caribbean takeaways or getting them home delivered has now become quite common and easy as well. However, large-scale orders are serviced with equal ease. For those looking to treat wedding guests to a special West Indian dinner, Leicester may prove a great destination, given the fact that it has a good choice of wedding reception venues leicester. The English city is also home to The Empire, the city's best Caribbean restaurant. Well-known for its authentic dishes, The Empire offers private catering services and can accommodate specific requests to churn out a delectable Caribbean dinner menu for the occasion.

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West Indian cuisine draws its unique flavours from culinary traditions from Africa, America, Europe, East India, Arabia, as well as China - and is an instant hit with foodies who can appreciate and relish a bite of hot spicy meat. Caribbean cuisine is heavily influenced by dishes, ingredients and the native cooking style from Jamaica, although each island in the region is likely to have its own specialties and variants.

Signature Cooking Style

Jerk is the signature style of cooking that set Jamaican preparations of pork and chicken apart from other cuisines - making them crispy, soft-textured, and loaded with hot flavours imparted by the traditional Jamaican jerk spice.

The characteristic ingredients used for seasoning include Scotch bonnet peppers, onions, garlic, celery, spring onions, ginger, marsala as well as herbs such as rosemary, thyme, marjory, and cilantro. Not to mention, French thyme, Scotch bonnet peppers and spring onions - these are integral to Jamaican food. Spices that bring home authentic aroma and taste include pimento, cinnamon, pepper elder and even a dash of tamarind. Coconut, plantain, sweet potatoes, chick peas, beans, bell peppers and cassava also figure prominently in the West Indian food. Rice is a staple.

Food Choices

West Indian cuisine offers sumptuous spreads of traditional dishes and improvised ones that cater to diverse preferences. Jerk food, especially in other parts of the world, may seem a little too raw and primitive and not up to the hygiene standards of contemporary lifestyle. Barbecued marinated or dry-spiced meat could prove a delectable alternative.

Caribbean food choices today, however, center on

Marinated, slow-cooked, flash-smoked meat

Char-grilled pork or beef steak

Grilled or jerk chicken

Curried goat, lamb rumps

Seafood options include the traditional favourites - saltfish, ackee, sea bass, sea bream, scallops, prawns and snappers.

Callalloo - a leafy vegetarian dish

Improvised, toned-down menus are aplenty and they mainly serve to introduce Caribbean flavours to foreigners and foodies experimenting with West Indian food.

There is, in fact, no dearth of choices when it comes to desserts or drinks. Bananas flambed in Jamaican rum are a classic. Mangoes, passion fruit and coconut are also an integral part of the several desserts.